These three little ones are about a week and a half old now. Anybody need a piebald dachshund?


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  1. George says:

    10/1, Are these puppied placed? We cherish our piebald doxies and our family would welcome another.
    Boys/ girls? Where R U?
    George, Indianapolis

  2. bkingr says:

    No firm placements yet. They get their first round of shots later this week and they will be ready to go (seven weeks old). We are in Austin, Texas.

    We love our dachshunds too. These are two girls and a boy.

  3. George says:

    you may send photos if you like.

  4. bkingr says:


    Puppy pictures are on this webpage(http://www.flickr.com/photos/bkingr/sets/72157603472327022/). Just click on any of the thumbnails and it will send you to a bigger picture.


  5. john + jessica says:

    They look great! I am orignally from the Austin area, now living in CA but visit there often. We have two piebald doxies and love them — and are hoping to bread her an a year or so time; any interest in studding?

  6. bkingr says:

    thanks. My mother-in-law has the stud, but he isn’t registered. This batch was an accident. We are planning to wait a good long time before we do it again, if ever.

  7. jp says:

    I would like one with overall ticking like the mom has. If you have another litter with one like that I would be interested.

  8. Tracy says:

    What are you asking for your pups. we are looking for a little girl.

    thank you

  9. zuri says:

    i have a 3 year piebald who loves to hunt!

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