Cultural Freedom

Courtesy of Instapundit, this is a fun video showcasing a true American entrepreneur. The key moments come when he talks about the “food revolution” and when he says that here in America we have political freedom, religious freedom, economic freedom, but also what he likes to call “cultural freedom. In Italy they eat Italian food. In America, we eat anything.” I love this stuff.

he says at the beginning that here in America, we have the best beer in the world, “no question about it.” I think he is right and it precisely because our creativity exists in a climate of freedom. Capitalism works. One man with one small brewery brewing his ale the way he likes it and the way that will maximize sales. One man making a profit and filling a market niche. Multiply by millions and you have the most dynamic economic system in the history of the world.

Just saying. Don’t let the top down planners who think they are smarter than you and care more about things than you do stay in charge.

Remember and vote this NOvember. your beer depends on it.

your worms too.

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