fart in a thunderstorm

and here is the opposite of the result described in my last two posts. here is the result when the central planners, our betters, those who are smarter than us and care more than we do act in our interest on our behalf. Please read the whole thing.

So, for the sake of a fart in a thunderstorm, the bulb-makers of Winchester, Virginia are this month joining the other Americans who have lost their bulb-making jobs. The free market never produces this kind of result. It takes politics to do this to people. The lesson in politics is beautifully simple: take a questionable premise; steep it in demagoguery and make unthinking adherence to it a litmus test; assert it repeatedly – preferably using impressive but unparsable adjectives – as established fact; and then, when you’ve killed people’s jobs by acting urgently on your unexamined premise, send Washington Post reporters to write a solicitous puff piece on how sad and ironic it is for them.

This light bulb thing has been making me angry for years now. As a photographer, I absolutely despise the green light thrown off by tungsten fluorescents. There is no way to make people’s skin tone or normal look ok in that light. The blue light from long fluorescents isn’t much better. Nice yellow light from incandescent bulbs is the best for nice warm skin tones.

for example here is Katherine under those ghastly green lights:

and here is what she should look like:
memorial day

I have been grabbing boxes of bulbs every time I go to the store. Running out of room to keep them, but I know the end is nigh because Democrats in Congress in 2007 thought they were saving the world. Maddening.

Don’t even get me started on low flow toilets or shower heads.

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