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How thick is your bubble?

I guess the good news is that I don’t have a bubble at all. Charles Murrays new book talks about the increasing divide in America. Looks fascinating. Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010 They have a helpful quiz … Continue reading

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photographing fireworks

I love trying to capture pictures of firework displays. This year in Texas there weren’t many of them due to the extended and extreme drought. However down on the coast, the municipalities have the luxury of shooting them out over … Continue reading

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Happy Independence Day

Happy 235th Birthday to the United States of America! As @robbieseay said on twitter this morning, “you don’t look a day over 200.” Happy Birthday to my dad who doesn’t look a day over 60! and Happy being born this … Continue reading

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Governor Perry’s RLC speech

Roger Kimball has an interesting take on the Governor’s speech in New Orleans yesterday. He was struck by the passage where the Governor said that it is time for Republicans to stop trying to curry favor with people who will … Continue reading

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by the way

when thinking about the national jobs picture, it is useful to remember that the Texas model of low tax (low government services) low regulation works. Here is a nice graphic demonstration of the fact that Texas has produced more private … Continue reading

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the core debate

William F. Gavan gets right down to the heart of the never ending political debate western civilization has experienced for at least the last 300 years. (prototypes of these positions, of course existed long before that.) Mr. Gavin says the … Continue reading

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stinging snobbery

Andrew Stuttaford links to a piece by Brendan O’Neill that puts into a pithy phrase the thing that just crawls under my skin and irritates at a low grade burn most of the time, but erupts into a volcanic flame … Continue reading

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fotos on a friday

a few recent shots from being out and about with the Canon Powershot S90. Nice little camera to have with you. heading over from Austin to College Station to visit Texas A&M you pass the boundary into heaven I liked … Continue reading

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differences in tone here at the end

here at lunch the day before the midterm election, take a moment and watch these two “closing argument” advertisements. notice the differences in tone between them. just sayin’. one looks and feels like a winner and one looks and feels … Continue reading

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Klavan nails it

Andrew Klavan has done it again. Nails the zeitgeist in a way no one else really gets at, although this from Frank J. Fleming comes close (courtesy of JS on email)

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photeaux on an October phridai

sorry for the gap. been busy spinning my wheels and not accomplishing much. Went out last Sunday afternoon to take wildflower shots, because life is too short to watch the Cowboys’ second half and get mad about it. love the … Continue reading

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Make Disciples

wh Continue reading

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Altar call evangelism

It is very much the case that theology drives our methods. I have been convinced for years now that the prevalence of altar call evangelism betrays the prevalence of arminian theology. Some of the most psychologically intense and prolonged altar … Continue reading

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defending life

interesting chart and presentation from the guys at Stand to Reason blog. and a presentation regarding the chart ht to vitamin z

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The governor on Federal strings attached

here is the governor talking about Federal programs that come with strings attached and why they should be rejected by Texas. what do you think?

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no sex in a year

and separate bedrooms. according to Mark Driscoll this is living heresy for a married couple. What do you think? HT to the Z man.

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multi site churches

Here courtesy of Justin Taylor is a fascinating discussion of the concept of multi-site churches between Mark Dever, Mark Driscoll and James MacDonald. Multiple Sites: Yea or Nay? Dever, Driscoll, and MacDonald Vote from Ben Peays on Vimeo. our church … Continue reading

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phridai is for photos

Sorry I missed last Friday. you know you are too busy when you miss Friday fotos. anyway, here is a spider that I caught on velvia film with the morning sunrise pink glow behind her. here is a portrait of … Continue reading

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John Piper has a new book out called Think: The Life of the Mind and the Love of God. Vitamin Z has an excerpt today that makes me want to read the book. check this out: Now, the key question … Continue reading

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pornified culture results

Tim Challies has an interesting post regarding the fact that our sexualized pornified culture is having the unexpected result of hurting the porn industry’s bottom line. And yet it’s not all good. What struck me as I read this article … Continue reading

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Killing the youth group

what do you think? We Killed The Youth Group from Levi Lusko on Vimeo. HT to Vitamin Z who adds that he sees it becoming more mainstream in the future.

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Vitamin Z has an interesting quote from John Piper about Christianity being compatible with thinking.  Here it is, what do you think? Paul commands us to think about what he says. Use your mind. Engage your reasoning powers when you … Continue reading

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interesting new movie

Twice yesterday evening I randomly ran across reviews of the new movie, Get Low. I had not even heard about the existence of this movie until reading these reviews. Here is Dr. Russell Moore’s brief review. Three paragraphs to tease … Continue reading

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fotos on friday

we went up to a place on the Brazos River close to China Spring for Labor Day Weekend with a side trip to Hillsboro and Lake Whitney. Fun way to end the summer. Here is a boat on the lake. … Continue reading

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fart in a thunderstorm

and here is the opposite of the result described in my last two posts. here is the result when the central planners, our betters, those who are smarter than us and care more than we do act in our interest … Continue reading

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