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differences in tone here at the end

here at lunch the day before the midterm election, take a moment and watch these two “closing argument” advertisements. notice the differences in tone between them. just sayin’. one looks and feels like a winner and one looks and feels … Continue reading

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four things

I ran across this ABC news story this morning about the end of the world coming in 2012. “You have to understand, there will be nothing, nothing left,” Geryl told ABC News from his home in Antwerp, Belgium. “We will … Continue reading

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a new year

Happy New Year to everyone. Isn’t it interesting the way that you never know what the new year holds? Last year at this time, I was about to start a new job after a year of self employment and things … Continue reading

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one pollster's take on the church of the future

here is a part of Chuck Warnock’s post on one pollster’s take on the future of the church in the U.S.: “The church of the future will be a bungalow on Maple Street, not a megastructure in a sea of … Continue reading

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