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Altar call evangelism

It is very much the case that theology drives our methods. I have been convinced for years now that the prevalence of altar call evangelism betrays the prevalence of arminian theology. Some of the most psychologically intense and prolonged altar … Continue reading

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contending and contextualizing

The church must both contend for truth and must contextualize truth to be effective in evangelism. Compare II Timothy 1:14 to I Corinthians 9:22. Hunter Beaumont’s diagnosis of the current evangelical moment is that we are over-contextualizing and under-contending: But … Continue reading

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What he said III

Here is another installment in an ongoing series of things that have been said and can’t be said better by me. This one fits in nicely with the post regarding persuasion below. charles spurgeon on the gospel: “The gospel is … Continue reading

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Paul said that since we know what it means to fear God, we seek to persuade men. Then he said, “we implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God.” In his earlier letter to the same group he … Continue reading

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