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the core debate

William F. Gavan gets right down to the heart of the never ending political debate western civilization has experienced for at least the last 300 years. (prototypes of these positions, of course existed long before that.) Mr. Gavin says the … Continue reading

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how weird am I?

seriously, how weird am I? I have been watching the dialogue between Mark Krikorian, Wesley Smith and Jonah Goldberg in The Corner with great interest. They are talking about vegans and vegetarians, morality and whether or not it is morally … Continue reading

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Keller on belief

from the Resurgence Blog, here is a Tim Keller talk to the employees of Google about why it makes sense to believe in God. It is an hour long. I am up to 39 minutes and have loved it all … Continue reading

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ruminations on moral philosophy

here are some of Jason Lee Steort’s ruminations on moral philosophy also known as Lessons From the Joker. go read it a couple or three times, think it over and then report back here to discuss the similarities of Steort’s … Continue reading

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